Hi, I’m Michelle. Known to squeal with delight at the sight of small animals, I hope my semi-retirement involves my trusty camera and a dog-walking gig for a gaggle of Chihuahuas. Being an animal lover isn’t enough though. I’m also a graduate of the Professional Photography Program at North Island College in Courtenay, BC.

The Furry Photo aesthetic is a studio setting with clean backgrounds and crisp lighting. I’ve tried to mimic other styles, especially the moody and faded feel of Instagram filters, but my ME just won’t be repressed. I bring minimalism, contrast, and—dare I say—a flavour of silliness to my work. If my portfolio doesn’t align with your artistic vision, I encourage you to find someone who does. The lower mainland offers lots of choice; it’s important you’re happy with your investment.

Photographing pets sometimes requires an extra pair of hands so while I’m busy photographizing (my favourite made-up word), my spouse and best friend Brent acts as photo assistant. We also have fellow dweller Charlie Cat but, frankly, she’s no help. She just wants to sleep in another room during your photo session.

One last thing, we’re outgoing introverts. That means we’re not shy but we need a lot of time to recharge our energy levels. That’s why we’re only open weekends and holidays. So if you’re shy or an introvert too, you’re safe with us. Non-pet-related small talk can be kept to a minimum so we can focus on your furry (or scaly) friend.